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Эту занимательную историю нам рассказал ветеран чикагского яхт-клуба Алан Тэске во время приема, посвященного выпуску первого номера журнала “iInspire”, который проходил в прошлый четверг в Чикагском Яхт-Клубе.
История чикагского “Парусного Общества Островных Коз” уходит в 1959 год. Тогда три ветерана парусных гонок Рэд Олсон, Эдди Шнабель и Линн Уиллиамс встретились после после очередной чикагской парусной гонки к острову Макинак. Они решили создать парусную организацию для сохранения и продолжения традиций самой длинной и самой старой в мире парусной гонки в пресной воде. Гонка, длиною в 333 мили, стартует у чикагского маяка, что за Navy Pier и завершается у острова Макинак. Одним из условий для членов этого сообщества было то, что спортсмен-парусник должен был участвовать не менее чем в 25 гонках, что делало этот клуб, своего рода, эксклюзивным собранием опытных и именитых людей. Откуда же пришло такое название – “Парусное Общество Островных Коз” (Island Goats Sailing Society). Дело в том, что находясь в гонке по 3-4 дня и не имея возможности помыться, команда начинала “пованивать”. Смеясь, они говорили друг-другу, что воняют, как козы. В дополнении ко всему, на острове Макинак, конечном пункте гонки, обитало большое количество диких коз. Так это название и закрепилось. В 1970 году парусное сообщество выпустило свою эмблему – голову белой каталонской козы на синем фоне. Так же стали проводится соревнования внутри группы на самую “быструю козу к острову Макинак”. Количество членов этого парусного общества выросло с 10 в 1959 году до 220 в 2006.
Those who successfully challenge the forces of nature inspire us.

Thursday, April 24, 2014 we attended a great and truly inspiring event – pre-launch party for “iInspire Magazine” . The main goal of the event was honoring Chicago Yacht Club Mackinac Master Mariners at the Chicago Yacht Club with a wonderful reception. Chicago Yacht Club Mackinac Master Mariners are yachtsmen who have participated in 50 or more of the Yacht Club’s Races to Mackinac, Mich., held each summer the longest and the oldest fresh water sailing race in the world.
“Their dedication and skill are an inspiration to everyone who overcomes challenges in pursuit of a dream,” said Ajay Madhani, publisher of “iInspire” magazine. A conference with the honorees was held, where the beautiful stories were told by the famous sailors. The evening was also celebrating the new magazine, which will debut this fall.
Only seven sailors walked the halls of the Chicago Yacht Club carry the title “Master Mariners”. Seven sailors for whom the waters of Lake Michigan – sometimes placed, sometimes roiling, always challenging – have for more than half a century each been a constant in their lives. Seven sailors who have strode the decks on at least 50 voyages along the 333 mile route from Chicago to Mackinac Island. Seven bravest, who have challenged Lake Michigan winds and waves during the longest annually run fresh water race in the world half hundred times or more. After 25 races , they became Island Goats, after 25 more they were dubbed the elite among the elite crew: The Master Marines.
And here are their names:
John Nedeau of North Muskegan, Ind., who has run 66 races,
Gene McCarthy, Chicago, 60 races,
Walter Heinichen Jr., Chicago, 57 races,
Alan Teske, Chicago, 55 races,
Richard Sterns III, Okoboji, Iowa, 52 races,
Don Glasell, Chicago, 51 races,
Deane Tank, Chicago, 50 races.
Chicago Yacht Club Mackinac Master Mariners
As it was said at reception, which offer insight we can each draw on to face the challenges in our own careers and lives. We can also look at rewards that come with success, often inspiration in them.
The IGSS (Island Goats Sailing Society) was formed in 1959 to honor sailors who have competed in 25 or more Mac Races. Its name represents the goats that live on Mackinac Island and the result of the two to four day race, after which sailors arrive on the island – smelling like goats. The original story was kindly told to us by Alan Teske that happened to be at our table with his lovely wife. What a wonderful man – an architect, artist, author, sailor and a judge. No doubts – Alan is an unforgettable character, brave, smart and a very intelligent.

On a huge IGSS glass display one could see prizes given to the club to honor accomplishments; most honoring speed, some honoring endurance, accuracy, and others achievements in sailing. Donors have been competitors, families, friends and past Commodores. Behind each trophy is a story, which we have tried to report with accuracy to the extent of all known facts. The names engraved on each trophy offer only the briefest, albeit permanent, recognition of the accomplishment of the winning captain, ship and crew. Some trophies have lengthy stories involving competition, triumph, and since this is yachting, distinction. Some were new acquisitions for the record entry in 100th Race to Mackinac in 2008, all of which were named for various elements of geography that are part of the race course.

Chicago Yacht Club
“I Inspire” magazine mission is to motivate college students, professionals and entrepreneurs to greater achievements. Its initial issue, planned for publication in August 2014 will feature profiles of Chicagoans recognized for their leadership in business and culture, sharing the unique experiences that led them to be successful. By seeing what success means to them, what they overcame and what inspired them, we can learn and encourage our audience’s aspirations.
The event was also supported by Chicago’s top chefs. The food stations were at the Chicago Yacht Club, featuring creative menus.

Top Chicago restaurants provided complimentary taste sensations. What would you serve our yachtsmen who have been in 50+ Mac Races? This was the question. The menus were quite creative and delicious. The guests were the judges. And I can tell you – the food was excellent. The culinary surprises were presented by an array of Chicago famous restaurants such as Marino’s, Mario’s Mondo Café, Fish Head Restaurante -Cantina, Catering Chocolate, the Wit Chicago and a very well known in Russian community La Mirage, with additional sponsorship from Dr Andi Pearson, Gaiamed Dental Spa and SeaDream Yacht Club. The winner was Mariano’s Lakeshore East (333 East Benton Place, Chicago) but FishHead of Highwood was a close second.057_MG_8985
Saxophonist MGabriel entertained with MusicMusicRock.com the DJ for this event.

The culinary winner received a gift certificate offering a room for 2 for a 4 nights stay on Mackinac Island at one of the top Historic Hotels of America – the Island House Hotel.
Special thank you for this wonderful event to Candice Kuhnen (ABC Communications), Jane Bell (Success Media Group).
Success Media Group
Party was amazing, warm and really inspiring. Remember, as “iInspire” says, that you are the only one that creates your reality.
Photos contributed by Brad Baskin Photography.

 V.B, S.G.